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 Our office is pleased to announce our state of the art dental laser. The Waterlase MD uses a fine spray of water and laser light to create a reaction that has the effect of cutting hard tissue (your teeth). It also has the capacity to cut and contour soft tissue such as your gums. Waterlase MD is less invasive and less traumatic than the drill, scalpel or electro surge.

Heat and vibration cause most of the pain associated with the dental drill. Since the laser does not cause heat or vibration, most dental procedures can be performed with no pain, virtually eliminating the need for painful needles. Less invasive means more conservation of tooth structure and tissue. The Waterlase MD avoids many common problems of the high speed drill, including cracks in the teeth from the vibration and rapid turning of the drill burs which can weaken your teeth, creating future problems. The Waterlase decontaminates as it cuts reducing the chance for bacterial contamination.

Lasers have the capability to:

  • perform gum surgery without the need for needles and no bleeding or stitches, being able to eat and talk right after surgery with no discomfort.
  • fill teeth without the need for needles, being able to eat and talk and chew right after fillings.
  • remove decay from small fillings and replace them with the natural color of your tooth.
  • perform dentistry without the need for a drill.
  • sterilize your restoration and tissue as it is healing

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